Cracked Up To Be Idiom Origin Hold


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Not worth a whistle Meaning: Something that has low value.Your relationship with Mary went right in the crapper the minute you told her to, "Rub that pie on her hips because that is where it's going to end up anyway"[P] When a decisive and irrevocable step has been takenPortside rooms were most likedFor questions or comments about any of the articles listed, contact: For questions or comments about site layout or maintenance, contact: webmaster compilation provided as a service of Pride UnLimited sales and service (2001 a.d.)When a boxer couldn't cross the line to keep a match going, people said he was not "up to the scratch." To Read Between the Lines Writing in code has been around for centuriesThis didn't mean he was guilty


[P] Drink or eatSo, once this Riot Act got read, people calmed down rather quicklyRich people have always been afforded this luxury while the servants, slaves and poor have always had to eat pig's feet, chitterlings, cracklings, etcFace The Music When you've got some unpleasant situation, you simply just grin and bear it and deal with itCheesecake This is an old-fashion phrase for nudity (or almost nude) women in photos or filmOne day somewhere in the world someone must have thought it would be funny to grab a dude by his pubes and refuse to let go--completely ignoring the poor fellow's yelps for mercy and womanly cryingThe origin goes back to sailing ships with a lot of mastsThe hens never peck the male roostersJust like today, someone might have to face a bad situation that he had no cause in 5d555b9bac

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